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Chewifoot Ecole de Football




We are grateful for all who supported us in our first journey to Les Cayes, Haiti and to ChewiFoot for making it all possible. The people of Les Cayes welcomed us with open arms and allowed our team to go in and work with their community without any hesitations. The experience and the children taught us more than we could have imagined, and in seeing the happiness that we provided, only left us with one question... What more can we do?


During our trip we were able to see 225 children at our medical clinic and through the donations received, we were able to provide each child with the necessary antibiotics, vitamins and hygiene products for their personal health care. Our team of nurses and physicians performed full physicals on the children and our lead chiropractor, Dr Fulmore, performed adjustments on those in pain or needing realignment. Spiritual healing was another added element to our program for those needing balance in their life. Guru Jagroo took the lead on this segment.


In beginning a cultural transformation, we also spent time teaching the children the importance of preserving their home and its natural beauty by hosting a beach clean up. In Les Cayes there isn't much of an infrastructure in place for trash, which you can imagine what their grounds look like in that case. The children not knowing any better, followed our lead as we took the morning and afternoon picking up as much trash off the beach possible. This was a small but great starting point in creating a mind shift of how to maintain their land.


Soccer is the chosen sport of Les Cayes, and co-founder Mauricio Ruiz, (JU Men's Soccer Coach and lead recruiter in the state of Florida) was able to see hundreds of kids play and able to share training techniques and exercises in helping to advance their skills to the next level. As we walked onto the fields it was amazing to see every child wearing the 800 donated uniforms and practice shirts provided by WSU and donated by our partners.


Overall WSU had great successes through out our journey, but there is much more to be done. Education is one element we will be focusing us on our next visit and how we can begin to build classrooms for children to have access to year-around.


Enjoy experiencing our trip with us below.

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