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Looking to Play Collegiate Sports?

Many high school athletes come to a crossroad in their lives once junior and senior year hits. They have a life-altering decision to make on whether or not they are going to continue their dream of playing collegiate sports and at which college. This decision can become overwhelming without the proper guidance. 

Unfortunately, their are many circumstances where kids are not receiving all the information, options and opportunities available to them to make a educated decision. Without these key elements the decision and process can become daunting. 

It Begins with Proper Guidance

With a over a decade of experience in the collegiate sports realm, WSU provides its student athletes with multiple opportunities and options to live out their dream of attending college and playing the sport they love at a higher level. Through our relationships with D1, D2, and D3 schools across the nation, we help to identify what college is a good fit for each specific individual by evaluating their level of talent, their academics and their willingness to achieve. WSU also helps in the application process and conducts the research on available grants and scholarships to helping in funding our student athletes college tuition. In addition to funding that is currently available, WSU can provide additional assistance through the WSU Scholarship Program.

WSU College Placement/Identification Evaluation

Let WSU walk you step by step through your transition from high school into college. Begin by submitting information about yourself and your achievements here, and one of our representatives will begin your evaluation and get you on your way to becoming a college student athlete. 

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