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World Sports United uses the power of sports to bring communities together. WSU works with a large network of collegiate and pro athletes and coaches and brings their expertise into soccer academies in impoverished areas all over the world, both domestically and internationally, to run free soccer clinics and provide coaching education. WSU also provides sports equipment, uniforms, scholarships and opportunities for international players to play in the US at all levels of the game.

WSU visits Guatemala! The Buena Vista community in Guatemala is home to a cycle of poverty that has often come to be associated with addiction, abuse, sexual violence and crime. Our purpose is to help support missionaries who have dedicated their lives to this community for the past 10+ years to mold these boys into young leaders that can break the toxic cycle and move the entire community in a new direction - towards following Jesus, loving and providing for their families, while serving one another - all through the power of soccer and their relationship with God.

Founders of WSU - Mauricio and Milena Ruiz

Thousands of cleats donated to children around the world

Mauricio training JV Boys in Guatemala

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