Are you an athlete who needs assistance with college tuition? 

Well you've come to the right place! Achieving an education beyond high school is more and more critical today than ever before. In a complex economy and a rapidly changing global market - skills, resources and a higher education remains the single best pathway to a successful life and career. We invite you to learn how we work with many colleges, companies, communities and partners across the world, on behalf of student athletes everywhere.

WSU Scholarships can bring college education within reach to hundreds of students who couldn't otherwise afford it. Today, we continue those efforts to make post-secondary success a possibility for student athletes across the nation and around the world.

Why do we focus on athletes?

What many people do not realize is how many more challenges student athletes face within the college application process and during their time as a student athlete. Once a student athlete commits to a college program they no longer represent themselves. They have a brand to represent, a higher responsibility to academics and to their team as well as having to take on a demanding schedule -  class, studying, grades, practice and games.


One of many statistics show that college athletes develop a unique skill set that sets them apart in the workforce. They adopt discipline, resilience, responsibility, time management, communication and are achievement oriented which are all common characteristics of a great leader. WSU's mission is to build its student athletes into great leaders who will then build others around them into great leaders.


WSU specializes in the application/recruiting process for college athletes and mentors them through all four undergraduate years. The following programs are in place to help student athletes become successful in their new role. Check out the WSU Mentorship Program and College Identification/ Placement Program for more information.

How to apply

To be eligible to apply for the WSU Scholarship, you must meet the criteria listed below:


  • Member of the WSU Mentorship Program for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Completed the WSU Athletic and Academic Evaluation.

  • Demonstrate strong leadership and a growth mindset in both school and the community.

  • Anticipating completion of high school diploma at the time of application.

  • Accepted into a degree or technical certification at an accredited college, university or technical training school. • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7.

  • SAT scores of 1000 and above or ACT score of 21 and above.

  • 40+ hours of community service hours - WSU offers internship opportunities.

  • Demonstrate a certain level of financial need based on calculated Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


If you are ready to begin your journey to higher education and athletics - APPLY HERE